Team Rankings

May 19, 2002|By Peter Schmuck

1. Red Sox: Everything falling in place.

2. Mariners: Getting surprise challenge from Angels.

3. Yankees: Waiting for Red Sox to swoon in June.

4. Diamondbacks: Not rattled by strong Giants' start.

5. Giants: Particularly pesky at Pac Bell.

6. Angels: Recent 16-2 run best in club history.

7. Reds: Holding their own at top of NL Central.

8. Marlins: Fresh fish haven't floundered.

9. Twins: Soft road record could be trouble.

10. White Sox: Southsiders are headed north.

11. Dodgers: Waiting for an opening in wild West.

12. Astros: Showing signs of life.

13. Cardinals: Healing pitchers to fuel upturn.

14. Braves: Still playing like .500 team.

15. Indians: Orioles prove to be good medicine.

16. Expos: West Coast proving troublesome.

17. Pirates: Reality could become an issue soon.

18. Mets: Recent tailspin raises questions.

19. Padres: Can't be ignored in NL West.

20. Rangers: Can be ignored in AL West.

21. Athletics: Need to step up before it's too late.

22. Orioles: Bullpen breakdown came at bad time.

23. Phillies: But it's a close fifth place.

24. Rockies: Not exactly on top of the world.

25. Royals: Have skyrocketed into 25th slot.

26. Cubs: Can Sammy hit 60 again?

27. Blue Jays: Propped up by Devil Rays.

28. Brewers: Clearly miss County Stadium.

29. Devil Rays: Can't lose them all.

30. Tigers: Motor City mess.

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