Hospital volunteers are recognized for service

May 19, 2002

Carroll County General Hospital recognized its volunteers at a recent luncheon at Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, in observance of National Volunteer Week. The hospital's more than 175 volunteers contributed 36,870 hours of service during the past year.

Volunteers were honored for hours and years of service. Thelma Coleman, who has volunteered at the hospital for 40 years, received an Excellence in Service Award.

Others honored for years of service were: Erma Frock, 34 years; Margaret Martin, 30 years; Betty Wise, 29 years; Vera McCubbin, 28 years; Irene Danner, Arawanna Leckron and Susie Warner, 25 years; Helen Franklin, Ruth Harmon and Algie King, 23 years; Gail Kemp and Betty Shaum, 22 years; Gladys Stahley, 21 years; Audrey Graf, Marty Honeman, Ruth Maus, Lamore Otto, Catherine Pearson and Ruth Senseney, 20 years.

Also, Joe Shaum, 18 years; Lillian Hawkesworth, 17 years; Doris Steinberg, 15 years; Shirley Hayes, 14 years; Jean Debelius, 13 years; Betsy Falkenstein, Dottie Lyell and Phyllis Ullman, 12 years; Jane Armacost, Mary Clingan, Joan Horney, Jack Nash and Marian Nash, 11 years; Ruth Bare, Louise Black, Marie Blank, Mary Bruff, Gloria Ewing, Eleanor Green, Mary Jane Edmunds, Ray Marconi, Vivian Phillips, Dolores Schwessinger and Norma Spencer, 10 years.

Volunteers who received service pins for more than 1,000 hours of service were: Irene Danner, 29,000 hours; Phyllis Ullman, 12,000 hours; Helen Franklin, Ruth Harmon and Algie King, 11,000 hours; Ruth Senseney, 10,000 hours; Thelma Coleman, Gail Kemp and Vera McCubbin, 8,000 hours; Doris Steinberg, 6,000 hours; Jane Armacost and Gladys Stahley, 4,000 hours; Mary Clingan, Lillian Hawkesworth, Joan Horney and Dottie Lyell, 3,000 hours; Ruth Bare, Louise Black, Marie Blank, Eleanor Green, Arawanna Leckron and Laura Wheeler, 2,000 hours; Mary Bruff, Ginger Falcone, Ray Marconi, Vivian Phillips, Marilee Sackett, Janet Staffa and Warren Therion, 1,000 hours.

Libby Corbin, Diane Green, Pat Manseau, Elayne Osborne, Chuck Salacuse, Eva Owings, Barbara Donahue, Millie Mann, Ethel Mullinix, Waneta Sackman, Mac Steinberg and Gil Creutzer received pins for 500 hours of service.

Rick Braz, Anne Cigrang, Dottie Clayton, James Cooper, Janet Daut, Dorothy Edmonds, Louise Evans, Nancy Gabriel, Alden Jackson, Jean Kirschensteiner, Carol Kraus, Joe Kraus, Peggy Pitrone, Sheila Pyatt, Evie Sakers, Marlene Taylor, Andrea Valdelden, George Warden, Mildred Wolf and Lois Warden received 150-hour pins.

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