Take control by adjusting click speed


May 16, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

My computer's cursor sometimes won't let me double-click on icons or cut and paste. I reboot, then it is fine for a time before the problem returns. Replacing my old mouse with a trackball hasn't helped.

This problem is fairly common. The speed at which things, such as mouse clicks, happen on a computer changes over time as more of the memory gets used. When it is fresh, the PC easily reads your mouse clicks, but as it bogs down, it has trouble telling one mouse click from two clicks, so stuff no longer opens when double-clicked.

To fix: Click the Start Button, the Settings, then Control Panel and, last, Mouse. There you need to explore because different mice have different displays, but all have a setting for click speed or double-click speed. When you find yours, you need to make it slower.

James Coates is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing Co. newspaper. He can be reached at jcoates@tribune.com.

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