New Polaroid Mio takes small, instant photo close-ups...


May 16, 2002|By Kevin Washington

New Polaroid Mio takes small, instant photo close-ups

Decades after the first instant Polaroid print began developing right in front of the photographer and his subjects, people are still fascinated with the technology.

Polaroid knows what fun it is to watch pictures develop and came up with the $80 Mio instant camera for more intimate pictures.

More intimate in that the pictures are business-card size and ready to be slid into your wallet. The 5-inch-tall Mio uses a 60 mm aspheric lens to create wonderful little portraits with great color accuracy. The lens also is just long enough to flatten out facial features for more flattering portraits.

Even with the flash, the backgrounds in my indoor portraits faded deeply. This wasn't bad; it seemed to give all the faces a nice, darkened-halo effect.

Images take about 3 to 5 seconds to slide out of the camera and five minutes to fully develop. The camera uses two CR2 lithium batteries and takes special film, a twin pack of which costs $20 for 20 pictures.

The MIO's photographs of people and things more than 10 feet away aren't bad, but the format is too small to make taking such pictures worthwhile. Stick to casual snapshots of friends and family that you can shove into your wallet and you'll be more than satisfied.

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