Dodd's volunteer efforts earn recognition

Student achiever

May 15, 2002

The student: Chelsea Dodd, 17

School: Howard High

Special achievement: Chelsea was one of eight students to receive awards from the Howard County Chamber of Commerce for their volunteer landscaping work at Wintergrowth Senior Center in Columbia. Chelsea helped develop the project through her participation in Leadership U, a Howard County summer program designed to encourage teens to make a difference in the community. Chelsea is a member of the National Honor Society, has participated in Girl Scouts since age 5, and volunteers as a tutor for elementary school children. This year, she represented Columbia in a statewide, four-day leadership conference sponsored by the Rotary Youth Leadership Association.

How did Chelsea's participation in the landscaping project affect her? "It was really a fulfilling experience," Chelsea said. "It's not like when you give money to an association, which is good and everything, but [with direct service] you get to see the reactions and the results of what you're doing. ... It made me want to help out in the community, especially for senior citizens because they're so appreciative and so thankful."

Chelsea's plans: She wants to study journalism in college. "I love [journalism] so much, and I feel like I could do it," she says. "And to be able to do something well and to like to do it is something that is very unique, and I think you have to take advantage of it."

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