Team Rankings

May 12, 2002|By PETER SCHMUCK

1. Red Sox: Best start since 1946.

2. Mariners: Have sunk to 113-win pace.

3. Giants: Not a one-man show anymore.

4. Diamondbacks: Still going strong.

5. Yankees: Stuck in wild-card position for now.

6. White Sox: Nice race developing in AL Central.

7. Twins: Best home record in baseball.

8. Dodgers: Too good for third place.

9. Reds: How long can this keep up?

10. Marlins: Young pitching in bloom.

11. Athletics: Running rougher on only one Giambi.

12. Expos: Only 3,183 miss hockey game Thursday.

13. Mets: Hot Giants put them in their place.

14. Angels: Decent team. Impossible situation.

15. Pirates: Reality is just around the corner.

16. Indians: Big soft spot in schedule should help.

17. Astros: Pitching staff has been disappointing.

18. Orioles: Need to keep beating up the little guys.

19. Braves: Tough series ahead in San Francisco.

20. Padres: Playing very well at home (11-4).

21. Phillies: Finally showing signs of life.

22. Cardinals: Rebound only a matter of time.

23. Rangers: Might be starting to get up.

24. Cubs: Sammy getting no help.

25. Rockies: Ain't no mountain low enough.

26. Blue Jays: Looking way, way up at Orioles.

27. Tigers: Might be at high-water mark here.

28. Royals: Recently mistook Orioles for Yankees.

29. Brewers: New stadium should have contractible roof.

30. Devil Rays: .400 mark was fun while it lasted.

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