To Our Readers

May 10, 2002

In the days after The Sun introduced its new design, readers complained about the size and placement of the two crossword puzzles that appear daily in the Today section. Beginning Monday, The Sun will introduce a new format designed to address those concerns.

First, the two puzzles will be placed on facing pages. The majority of readers who called in preferred that placement to make it possible for two people in a household to work a crossword puzzle at the same time. Also, the boxes on the crossword grids of both puzzles will be enlarged to make it easier for readers to fill in answers. The clues for the New York Times puzzle also will be printed in a larger size. Given space limitations, it is not possible to increase the type size of clues for The Sun crossword, but we are using a different font that makes them clearer and easier to read.

To accommodate these changes, the Bridge column will move. As of Monday, it will appear daily in the Today section on the same page as the television listings.

The Sun thanks readers for their thoughtful comments on this issue.

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