William Tutte, 84, a renowned mathematician who helped...

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May 09, 2002

William Tutte, 84, a renowned mathematician who helped crack Nazi codes during World War II, died May 2 in Waterloo, Ontario. He was diagnosed six weeks ago with heart failure and spleen cancer.

Mr. Tutte was a graduate student in chemistry at Cambridge University in England in 1941 when his tutor asked him to go to Bletchley Park, the legendary organization of code-breakers based 50 miles northwest of London.

British researchers who decoded the famous German Enigma machine had a captured model to work with, but Mr. Tutte and his co-workers lacked a machine to study, relying on only messages received. From that, Mr. Tutte's team of code-breakers figured out the machine's structure, developing remarkably complex algorithms, his colleagues said.

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