Otis Blackwell, 70, who wrote dozens of hit songs...

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May 08, 2002

Otis Blackwell, 70, who wrote dozens of hit songs, including "Don't Be Cruel" for Elvis Presley, died in Nashville on Monday of a heart attack.

Mr. Blackwell wrote more than 1,000 songs, recorded by performers such as Ray Charles, Billy Joel, The Who, James Taylor, Otis Redding, Peggy Lee and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Some of Mr. Blackwell's other credits include "Great Balls of Fire" and "Breathless," both recorded by Mr. Lewis; "Handy Man" by Mr. Taylor; "Fever" by Ms. Lee; "Daddy Rolling Stone" by The Who; and "Return to Sender" and "All Shook Up," each recorded by Mr. Presley.

Mr. Blackwell was credited with writing songs that sold more than 185 million copies.

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