Sandler wins UM scholarship

Student achiever

May 08, 2002

The student: Michael Sandler, 17

School: Hammond High

Special achievement: Last month, Michael was awarded the University of Maryland's Banneker/Key Scholarship, the university's highest academic scholarship, covering four years of tuition, room and board. He recently scored 1590 on the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), earning the highest possible score, 800, on the math portion. An outstanding student with a weighted GPA of 4.52, he is also captain of the school's tennis team and is the team's No. 2 player. In addition, he is head of the box office crew for the drama department and performed in school plays in his freshman, sophomore and junior years. Outside of school, he performs community service, tutoring third- through fifth-graders at Temple Isaiah Religious School.

What he says about tutoring: "It sort of gives me a better understanding of the learning process," Michael says, "which even helps me with my own learning. ... You learn different techniques of teaching them and you sort of understand the way learning takes place."

How has it affected his own learning process? "I've taken a more methodical approach to it, and it just makes it easier. Whenever you do something and you have a method set out and it's less haphazard, then it sort of happens more efficiently."

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