ASSA's Volvo ride still fast: 33.2 knots

Volvo log

May 07, 2002|By Chris Larson | Chris Larson,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

ABOARD ASSA ABLOY - Wet, wild and fast! That's exactly how my last report started. The past three days have been incredible sailing. It may not be comfortable, but we are sailing, for sure, the fastest 24-hour monohull runs recorded.

We have logged more than 440 miles each day - an average speed of 18-19 knots. In addition, our top speed is 33.2 knots (38.2 mph). Blasting down waves and surfing in the mid-20s is old hat now. No one hardly notices.

If we are not blasting over waves, we are plowing through them. There is so much water streaming across the deck, everyone must be harnessed on.

Everything from our sleeping bags to our foul weather gear is soaking wet or very damp. The accommodations on these Volvo 60s are almost non-existent. The closest thing you'll find to a shower is a baby wipe.

The racing is very close. The last 500 miles to LaRochelle, France, will be upwind and close reaching with a cold breeze.

It's still anyone's race to win.

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