Team Rankings

May 05, 2002|By Peter Schmuck

1. Mariners: Caught in slight downdraft.

2. Red Sox: Making big early statement.

3. Diamondbacks: Big Unit. Bad back. Ouch.

4. Yankees: Plodding toward the postseason.

5. White Sox: Highest scoring team in baseball.

6. Giants: Early season momentum is waning.

7. Reds: Another team that's better without Griffey.

8. Twins: Legendary dome-field advantage back at work.

9. Mets: Not Amazin', but pretty darn good.

10. Dodgers: Tracy has created solid chemistry.

11. Expos: Expos Magic? Why not?

12. Athletics: Did Yankees sign wrong Giambi?

13. Padres: Turning NL West into four-team race.

14. Pirates: May be headed back to earth.

15. Angels: Bouncing back from horrible start.

16. Marlins: Treading water in NL East.

17. Cardinals: New slogan: "Farewell to arms."

18. Braves: Should recover from mediocre April.

19. Indians: Still dropping like a rock.

20. Astros: Can't shake Enron curse.

21. Orioles: Climbing back toward respectability.

22. Rangers: Big hat. No cattle.

23. Rockies: Finally getting some elevation.

24. Devil Rays: This team makes Ben grieve.

25. Cubs: Nothing doing on North Side.

26. Phillies: Phanatic may soon be No. 4 starter.

27. Blue Jays: Can't go on like this much longer.

28. Tigers: Law of averages finally kicking in.

29. Royals: At least K.C. still has great BBQ.

30. Brewers: There's always the All-Star Game.

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