Coming to your TV: 'Law & Order' 24 / 7

From HBO to SUVs to QVC, there's no end to possibilities


May 05, 2002|By Ray Frager | Ray Frager,Sun Staff

Now it can be revealed: NBC, in a bold programming move, plans to junk its entire prime-time schedule this fall for an all-Law & Order lineup.

The ratings-grabbing police-and-courtroom drama, already airing in three versions -- Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: CI -- will expand its reach even further. So get the VCR serviced and stock up on tapes. Coming in September:

* Law & Ardor -- Detective Logan (Chris Noth) returns to the precinct, but finds his job complicated by his pairing with a female partner, the department's most fashionable and neurotic detective, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

* Law & Order: Plagiarism Unit -- Editors and copyright attorneys work to ferret out unattributed passages in manuscripts. Preceded by a disclaimer saying "Doris Kearns Goodwin" and "Stephen Ambrose" are fictitious characters.

* Law & Boarder -- Prosecutor Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) rents out extra space in his Manhattan brownstone to a series of wacky characters. Three's Company's Suzanne Somers and John Ritter show up for sweeps week.

* Law & Order: Not-So-Special Victims Unit -- The first-ever hourlong primetime drama about the Better Business Bureau, as it doggedly investigates complaints about rude sales clerks and telemarketers who call during dinner.

* Law & Order: Where Everybody Knows Your Name -- Detective Greevy (George Dzundza) opens a bar whose regulars include all of the actors who have ever been bounced off L&O by producer Dick Wolf.

* Law & Order: HBO -- A Pop-Up Video-style show that highlights every L&O character played by an actor who also has appeared on The Sopranos, Oz and Sex & the City.

* Law & Odor -- Lt. Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) is demoted to head a squad of drug-sniffing dogs.

* Law & Order: Caloric Intake -- Detectives and attorneys struggle to make healthy choices for lunch and avoid the temptations of squad-room doughnuts and late-night Chinese takeout. Prosecutor Ab-bie Carmichael (An-gie Harmon) confesses her eating disorder. Billy Banks and Richard Simmons guest star.

* Claw & Order -- Jesse L. Martin teams with Benjamin Bratt as ex-cops who start new lives running a crab shack on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

* Law & Order: SUV -- Following the lives of attorneys and detectives who drive gas-guzzling vehicles. Hand-held cameras add to the realism of the desperate search for a service station near a highway exit.

* Law & Order: The Collection -- Produced by QVC, this show offers the pre-rumpled Sam Waterston line, Angie Harmon business wear for women sizes 0 to 2 and the much-anticipated musical collaboration of Paul Sorvino and Ice-T.

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