Film Capsules

The 4th Annual Maryland Film Festival

Thursday May 2nd Through Sunday May 5th


Adrift (dir. Tom Curran, USA) Revisiting his family's past in Alaska and Cape Cod, Tom Curran provides a first-person account of loss in an Irish-American family.

Adventures of Baron Munchausen (dir. Terry Gilliam, UK) Terry Gilliam's masterpiece will be presented by guest host Colleen Haskell, a Bethesda native and contestant from the first season of Survivor.

Americanos (dir. Paul Callahan, USA) A man in his 30s who lives with his mother and spends most of his time at the local bar gets wrapped up in a Cuban cigar smuggling scheme with his wealthy lawyer friend.

Beef (dir. Jon Baskin, USA) Documentary about four female poets who got together with four male musicians in a recording studio to put their poetry to music.

Big Time (dir. Chris Blum, USA) Chris Blum's 1988 concert film / music video documenting Tom Waits' "Frank's Wild Years" tour.

Blue Vinyl (dir. Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold, USA) When her parents affixed vinyl siding to their home, Judith Helfand set out to learn more about this seemingly harmless plastic.

Body Drop Asphalt (dir. Junko Wada, Japan) In this avant-garde digital film, Eri, a young Japanese woman, wanders the city in existential angst until she decides to write a novel on a whim.

The Boxer (dir. Jim Sheridan, USA and Ireland) Jim Sheridan's film from 1997 stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Danny Flynn, a promising boxer who was imprisoned at the age of 18 for his association with IRA terrorists.

Charlotte Sometimes (dir. Eric Byler, USA) Michael is a Japanese-American auto mechanic who is secretly in love with Lori, a Chinese-American woman who rents part of Michael's house.

Claire (dir. Milford Thomas, USA) This brand-new silent film is based on a Japanese folk tale about a couple who finds a little girl in an ear of corn and raises her as their own.

Con Man (dir. Jesse Moss, USA) While in his 30s, James Hogue conned his way into Princeton by posing as an 18-year-old self-educated orphan. This documentary traces the life of Hogue as it attempts to comprehend his pathological need to re-invent himself.

Cyberman (dir. Peter Lynch, Canada) A documentary about Steve Mann, a self-professed cyborg who modifies computer components so that he can wear them at all times.

Daddy and Papa (dir. Johnny Symons, USA) A documentary that takes a personal look at the hot-button issue of the adoption of children by gay men.

Design (dir. Davidson Cole, USA) A hit at Sundance, this film follows three storylines that intersect over one evening in a series of predestined encounters and bizarre circumstances.

The Dogwalker (dir. Jacques Thelemarque, USA) Ellie is a young woman on the run from an abusive relationship who meets Betsy, an ailing, older woman who runs a dog-walking business.

Easy Listening (dir. Pamela Corkey, USA) It's 1967, and Burt is the top trumpet player in an easy-listening orchestra, despite his preference for jazz. Enter Linda, the orchestra's fresh-faced flutist, who takes it upon herself to teach Burt that his soul is square.

The Execution of Wanda Jean (dir. Liz Garbus, USA) HBO sent a documentary film crew to Oklahoma to record the last part of the appeal process for a woman on death row for killing her female lover.

Five Years (dir. Brett Wagner, USA) Renee and Eric are a young married couple whose perfect life is upset when Eric's ex-con younger brother comes to live with them.

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme (dir. Kevin Fitzgerald, USA) Freestyle is a documentary that examines the art of spontaneous rhyming "freestyle" by MCs in the world of underground hip-hop music.

Fuego (dir. Armando Bo, Argentina) Director Bo stars with his real-life lover and Miss Argentina 1955, Isabel Sarli, who plays a woman who can't control her sexual urges.

Le Grand Blanc de Lambarene (dir. Bassek ba Kobhio, Cameroon / France) A complex revisionist portrait of Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, shot on location at Schweitzer's hospital in Gabon. (In French with English subtitles.)

A Head of Time, Ahead of Time (dir. Richard T. Slade, USA) A documentary about Hank Levy, the late great jazz composer and Towson State University band director.

The Holy Land (dir. Eitan Gorlin, Israel) Mendy, a young rabbinical Student, visits Tel Aviv and falls in love with Sacha, a prostitute who's mixed up with a group of religious terrorists.

House of Wax (in 3-D) (dir. Andre De Toth, USA) This classic horror film from 1953 stars Vincent Price as the curator of a wax museum who has his own special method to make his wax figures look so real.

How to Draw a Bunny (dir. John Walter, USA) A documentary about Ray Johnson, "the most famous unknown artist in the world" and one of the seminal figures of the pop-art era.

Kaaterskill Falls (dir. Josh Apter and Peter Olsen, USA) A young urban couple on vacation in the Catskills pick up and befriend a mysterious hitchhiker.

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