Quick steps to solve PC's date problem


May 02, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

I am a semi-literate PC user, so I love your explanations of subjects for my limited level of comprehension. Help! When I open letters I have saved on MS Works, the date changes to the current date, and I am unable to tell when I originally wrote the letter. How can I prevent the date from changing when I open the letter, and how can I tell the date I wrote the letter?

It shows that you certainly are more than "semi-literate" at using computers. There is a way to check your word-processing files to see when you created them, but the computer needs to date all files each time they are modified in order to keep track of which version is the most current.

Try this: Right-click on the icon for any one of the files holding your past letters. Select Properties in the menu that pops up. Look closely at the next box that appears, and you will find the date that the file was created as well as the most recent date and time that it was modified.

To type in comments, click on the tab marked Custom in the Properties display.

James Coates writes for the Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing newspaper. He can be reached via e-mail at jcoates@tribune.com.

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