Don't be fooled into upgrading software because of XP name


April 25, 2002|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Should I install my Office 97 Professional Edition software on a new system running Windows XP Home Edition? Or should I have Office XP Professional Edition installed before purchase? I use Excel and Access for my business.

Office XP is great, but it's a shame to buy it when you don't covet the software's new features but merely want to keep on doing what you are doing just fine. I can assure you from firsthand experience that past versions of Microsoft Office work just fine with Windows XP.

Stick to your guns with Office 97 when you get that machine with XP for the operating system, and you will enjoy improved stability - you probably never will see your machine crash while working in Office 97. Microsoft's legions of critics noted that the company decided to name the operating system XP and the newest edition of Office as XP to create exactly the confusion that opened you up to a sales pitch for an upgrade.

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