Woman seems to contradict testimony

Wounded police officer expected on stand today

April 24, 2002|By Allison Klein | Allison Klein,SUN STAFF

A woman testifying yesterday in the trial of a man accused of shooting a Baltimore police officer and a teen-ager last year appeared to contradict the statements of an earlier witness who said he saw Donnell A. Ward shoot the two.

On Monday, Martin Spriggs testified that he saw the shootings of police Officer Willie D. Grandy and the teen-ager from a window of a house in the 700 block of Wharton Court, a few feet from the incident.

But Brenda Johnson, who lives in the same house testified that the window that faced the shooting scene was closed that afternoon, and that it "would not be true" if Spriggs testified that the window was open and allowed him a clear view of the shooting.

Police Officer Willie D. Grandy, 41, who still carries a bullet in his left leg, is expected to testify today and to identify Ward as the man who shot him and the teen-ager he was arresting on marijuana charges March 26, 2001.

In outlining his case last week, Assistant State's Attorney James Wallner said that Grandy and his partner had 17-year-old Roy Hopkins in handcuffs when a man walked around a corner with a handgun under a bandanna and fired seven shots.

Ward's lawyer, Brian G. Thompson, is expected to put his client on the stand today. Ward is expected to testify that he was at the East Baltimore scene but did not shoot Grandy or Hopkins.

Ward, 27, was arrested the next day as he walked through a park blocks from where the shooting occurred.

Police have recovered no weapons, fingerprints, gunshot residue or DNA evidence linking Ward to the shootings.

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