Keeler is wrong to blame media in abuse scandal Shame...


April 24, 2002

Keeler is wrong to blame media in abuse scandal

Shame on Cardinal William Keeler. First he whines that the media is driving the "scandal over Roman Catholic priests molesting children," and then he boo-hoos that the Catholic Church and its priests are being singled out when sexual abuse of minors is "actually far more common among men who abuse family members" ("Keeler says charges of abuse must be reported," April 17).

Quite the contrary, Catholic priests who can't keep their hands off small boys and girls are driving this scandal. And people in positions of moral and spiritual authority who practice child sexual abuse are beneath contempt.

Aren't these the people who have been telling Catholics how to lead righteous lives? And handing out acts of contrition in the confessional? How hypocritical can you get?

Dayle Dawes


Cardinal Keeler and others in the hierarchy still don't get it. They continue to blame others for the church's failings.

As a former Catholic, this is truly disappointing to read and it confirms my decision to leave the church and find one that is honest and treats children with respect.

In my opinion, there is only one response that could put things right: Turn in a priest, or anyone else, charged with abusing a minor, and let civil authorities investigate.

In other words, clean house. I don't see any other way to regain the trust of the faithful.

P. Ranney


Racial assumptions hurt area's Hispanics

The letter "Let's welcome immigrants, but not illegals" (April 18) is sad. Many new Hispanic residents to Baltimore, and other cities, are not only here legally but very often are American citizens.

It is sad that we instantly assume the worst when it comes to people we do not know well or understand.

Indeed, the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland is grateful for its increasing number of Hispanic members. Not only do we have one Hispanic church, Los Tres Santos Reyes, but many others have services in Spanish.

Our new Hispanic residents come from many places throughout the Spanish-speaking world and bring so much to our city.

The Rev. John L. Rabb


The writer is bishop suffragan of Maryland.

Shame on The Sun for publishing the inflammatory letter "Let's welcome immigrants, but not illegals."

The writer's comments about being "aware of the tremendous number of Central Americans working off the books" are exactly the type of racial profiling that has created so many problems in our community.

I know it will take years to enlighten folks such as the letter writer, but I thought that a large metropolitan newspaper would have better sense and more sensitivity.

Hector L. Torres


The writer directs Catholic Charities' Hispanic Apostolate and Immigration Legal Services.

Alaska's wild forests need protection, too

The votes by Sens. Paul S. Sarbanes and Barbara A. Mikulski to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling show strong leadership ("Senate rejects drilling in refuge," April 19) - leadership that deserves to be repeated for all of Alaska's treasures.

Without permanent protection of wild areas such as Alaska's spectacular Tongass and Chugach National Forests, there's no telling where the timber industry and other special interests will go, causing irreparable destruction.

It's time for Congress to do the right thing for wild forests, just as it did for the arctic, by ensuring permanent protection for Alaska's rainforest.

Laurie Cooper


Press must reveal U.S. interference

The military coup against elected President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela shows once again how the government of the United States interferes with local politics in Latin America, how cynical its rationalizations are and how damaging to democracy its interventions are ("Senior U.S. official warned coup leader in Venezuela," April 17).

Most people in this country are not aware of what their government does in other countries; the main reason is that our press, with some exceptions, is lazy and does not investigate the whole story.

The press is afraid of the few powerful individuals who own the media here and back the government's empire-building enterprises.

Jaime Lievano


Israeli colonialism is reprehensible

I totally agree with Charles Glass' article "Decolonizing the key issue for Mideast" (April 14). I thank The Sun for publishing a point of view on this subject that is different from Israelis' and I would like to see more of this point of view.

Israel and Palestine are not equals. Israel has continually brought in new settlers and placed them in the middle of Palestinian areas, then feigned surprise when trouble erupts. Its recent piggy-backing on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by calling the Palestinians terrorists is just as reprehensible.

I do not condone suicide bombings, but neither do I condone the high-handed colonialism Israel has practiced for so many years.

Susan Platt


Israel's claim to land has historical basis

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