Hargrove is part of Orioles' problem Sports fans keep...


April 21, 2002

Hargrove is part of Orioles' problem

Sports fans keep saying that Mike Hargrove had a proven track record while managing the Cleveland Indians, but in my opinion, the current Orioles manager suffers from forgetfulness or is inadequate.

During the last part of the 2001 season and, for example, the last two games with the Chicago White Sox last week, he left the so-called closer in way too long and the opposing team found ways to win. He doesn't have those Indians superstars of yesteryear to finish up or win baseball games.

Thanks to mismanagement by Peter Angelos, Syd Thift and Hargrove, the Orioles are the laughingstock of professional baseball. I have chosen not to waste my hard-earned money for all of 2001 and, so far, for this season, until or if I see the team show signs of life. I might watch them on TV, but I won't pay to see them.

Harry I. Kleiman Owings Mills

Angelos and Thrift a great comedy team

First there was Laurel and Hardy, then Abbott and Costello, and now we are blessed with the comedic stylings of Angelos and Thrift.

Once again, the dazzling duo has promised to deliver a team replete with young and talented players. They must think Orioles fans are complete idiots.

The same drivel comes out of their mouths every year, and the same boring, monotonous losses ensue. After the first week of pitiful games, it was already time to count the days to Ravens training camp.

To continue the vicious cycle of losing that the Orioles have perfected to a science, I think the master plan has Mr. Angelos selling the team to Mr. Thrift, who in turn will appoint Mr. Angelos as director of baseball operations.

Comedy at its best!

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

Why no `Baltimore' on Orioles' uniforms?

Maybe it's just a trivial thing, but am I the only person who has noticed that the Orioles display no geographical identity?

Nowhere on their uniforms (at home or away) does the word "Baltimore" appear. Not even a "B." Every other major-league team has at least one uniform or hat with its city represented.

In the 1960s, I remember the players' shirts had "Baltimore" inscribed across them. Due to the shrinking Baltimore city population, perhaps Mr. Angelos has something in the works that would appeal more to fans in Washington D.C., and Virginia.

Joseph P. Laun Jr. Catonsville

Outdoors column misses animal rights

The April 14 outdoors column by Candus Thomson commented on the outcome of recent legislation in the Maryland General Assembly. Like all people, she has a right to favor or oppose any legislation. But since she writes a column, she should report facts, and not "half-truths" that support her pro-hunting agenda. (Bills are "gutted" and "killed.")

Ms. Thomson stated that "legislators ... made the first Sunday of firearms season a legal hunting day and ditched the anti-trapping bill." She omitted that only seven counties chose to be part of the bill that would allow one day of Sunday hunting. The other Maryland counties wisely chose to exclude themselves from the bill, thus preserving the state's centuries-old tradition of not hunting on Sunday.

Nor would the bill (HB 377) stop all trapping, as her reporting implies. It was to only prohibit the use of steel-jawed leghold traps, not Conibear-type traps that kill the animal instead of letting it suffer before being killed by the trapper. Nor were snares to be eliminated or the use of box traps for removing animals such as raccoons from someone's attic.

It is Ms. Thomson's right to rally against anything humane or that reduces suffering, which HB 377 would have done. However, 89 countries and eight states have outlawed or strictly regulated the use of leghold traps. Killing still occurs there; Maryland just allows more excruciating suffering before our animals are killed.

Pertaining to Sunday hunting, she quotes Tim Lambert as saying, "This will give us the ability to show that hunters can recreate with others without conflict." On this statement, I hope that Ms. Thomson will report on the number of non-hunters enjoying nature on non-hunting days vs. the number of non-hunters in the woods on that first Sunday (in counties where it is legal) to test Lambert's statement.

After all, her column is titled "Outdoors" instead of the generally more accurate "Hook, Bow and Bullet."

James Clark Finksburg

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