Perfect for the Prom

Four high school girls went hunting, and each came home with one glorious gown fit for a queen

Focus On Fashion

April 21, 2002|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,Sun Staff

Senior proms are the ultimate party -- like a wedding, only less stressful. More than a dance, the prom is one of the last times high school seniors get to be together before they scatter to colleges and jobs around the country. It's at once sad and wonderful and exciting.

Boys put on tuxes and become suave gentlemen. (If they don't decide to accessorize with tennis shoes.) Girls turn into glittery glamour queens or flirtatious femme fatales.

More than anything else, it's the dress that does it. How can satin, tulle and rhinestones be the source of such high anxiety and such giddy happiness? Lucky is the girl who finds the perfect dress, and finds it early.

Here are four of them:

Loza Saifu

Towson High School, Towson

The prom: May 24 at the Belvedere

The dress of her dreams: "I was determined not to have a dress like everyone else's. I went to Ethiopia this summer to visit family and picked out the fabric there. And they made the dress. It's a cream silkish type of fabric with gold embroidery at the top and bottom. It's strapless and it bells out a little. I found the perfect shoe at Macy's in a darker cream, and a purse in a Fells Point vintage shop that matches my dress."

A night to remember: "I really like our senior class, so the prom will be a farewell more than a party. The theme is the Roaring '20s, but they told us too late to dress up. I asked this guy from Poly. I have no idea what his last name is!

"Before the prom we're going out to dinner; we're thinking about sushi -- it's light. The after-prom party is at the Towson YMCA from 10:30 to 4."

Christine Krueger

Seton Keough High School, Baltimore

The prom: May 3 at the Belvedere

The dress of her dreams: "I was in a fashion show at school in March. The dress was from David's Bridal, and I decided to keep it. It looks like a Cinderella dress. It's strapless, light blue, and has silver glitters. As soon as I tried it on, everybody said, 'That's the one.' I got my prom dress late last year, so I'm happy to get it early. I'm going to wear clear Cinderella slippers with it."

A night to remember: "It's the highlight of our senior year. It's one of the last times we'll be together as a group. We've been looking forward to it for almost the whole year.

"I'm taking my boyfriend. There's going to be a post-prom harbor cruise and then back to the school for breakfast."

Kristin Mali

Broadneck High School, Annapolis

The prom: May 17 at the BWI Marriott

The dress of her dreams: "My mom and I sometimes designate a mother-daughter day when I'm off from school. On one of them [Presidents Day] in February we went shopping for a prom dress. We looked all around in Annapolis, but we finally found the one at David's Bridal [in Glen Burnie]. I wasn't sure about its being white until I put it on. All it needed was a little taken off the bottom and a few more sparkles put on. I bought all my accessories there, including strappy white shoes with low heels. I'm not too good in heels!"

A night to remember: "It's more than a great party. It's the last time to be with all your friends and dance the night away. Hopefully it will be an incredible memory.

"I'm going with my boyfriend. We're meeting at a friend's house to take pictures by the water, then a group of 26 people rented a limo bus. There going to be lots of fun things at the prom like a strawberry daiquiri machine -- virgin, of course! There's an after-prom breakfast, and then we'll probably go to a friend's house."

Danielle Leikach

Franklin High School, Reisterstown

The prom: May 10 at the Belvedere

The dress of her dreams: "I looked everywhere and couldn't find a dress. I kept buying them -- mostly black and white -- and then returning them because they weren't the right ones.

"Then I found it at The Sporting Life [in Greenspring Station]. They only had two prom dresses, and it was so amazing that one was the right one. It's kind of a purply blue, silky shiny, and it kind of bunches on one side with beads. I wasn't sure about it until I put it on, but the fit was perfect."

A night to remember: "It's going to be fun. I'll be with all my friends. It's the last thing at high school.

"I'm going with my boyfriend. We're going to Hampton's [in Harbor Court] for dinner first, 12 kids are renting a limo. After the prom the school is having an overnight thing in a bowling alley. We'll probably do that."

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