Memo to our kids

April 21, 2002


Re: time together

You remember us. We're the ones who signed you up for all those sports teams, music lessons, tutoring sessions. That's right, we're the ones driving you around to these activities after school and at night, every day of the week.

Well, here's a proposition: Why don't we just stop for one night and spend some time together? Call it "family night." You know, sit around, eat together, play some games, maybe talk a little bit. You could get to know us better, and we could get to know you better.

We know that may sound boring, but we got the idea from an article about a high-achieving suburb in New Jersey, where many parents thought their kids' lives had gotten a bit too busy, squeezing out almost any family time.

Apparently this sort of thing is cropping up here and there across the country - a symptom of the times.

If it doesn't sound so exciting to you, keep in mind that folks in another New Jersey town that tried this didn't actually sit around in their living rooms all night playing checkers. No, the town set up a whole bunch of scheduled activities for families who didn't exactly know what to do with each other.

So family night wouldn't have to be quite so tough after all.

P.S. Mom and Dad also have decided to block out on their calendars an hour or so each week to have lunch together, just the two of us. Work permitting, that is.

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