TV awards program honors county's best

Book discussion show takes home 3 `Vollies'

April 14, 2002|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,SUN STAFF

A youth book discussion program swept the 2002 annual Carroll Community Television Channel 19 Vollie Awards.

Susan Thornton won two Vollies for Between the Lines for best programming by/for youth and best talk/interview program. Her daughter, Shanin, won a Vollie for best on-camera talent for Between the Lines.

Eight production awards and several other Person of the Year awards were presented Friday night at Antrim 1844 in Taneytown. The awards ceremony is "a celebration of the most important ingredients of success - people, determination and commitment," said Marion Ware, Community Media Center director.

Accepting their awards, Susan Thornton credited the youths on Between the Lines, while Shanin, 14, gave credit to her mother for her work as producer, director and editor of the program.

Between the Lines features Shanin, her brother Sean, 12, and a friend, Lauren Trail, 12, and a guest youth, discussing a book each month.

"I'd rather read a book than get on the computer any day," said Shanin, who, like her parents, also writes poetry.

Susan Thornton said the idea for the show, now about 18 months old, came out of family book discussions at home.

"I thought, `Hey, why not make a show with these kids discussing the books they've read?'" she said. "I love the idea that these kids are excited about reading books."

Stan Keasel was named Community Media Center Volunteer of the Year. Dennis Hoover was named Outstanding Board Member. for his efforts on behalf of the center.

County Commissioner Donald I. Dell was given the Media Awareness Award for his work in helping to bring local government to the air.

"The government programs are a cooperative effort between Channel 19 and the government," Dell said. "The main thrust is to get the news to the people directly."

The other production Vollie Award winners were:

Bob Johnson for Best Performance for The Westminster Ringers.

Richard Taylor for Best Special Interest/Event Program for Frankentractor.

Ken Birnie for Best Documentary for Spirit of Ireland.

Adam Burke for Best Educational Program for Why You Never Want a DWI.

Ken Lynch for Best Director of a Station-Produced Switch Shoot (switching cameras for different scenes) for Memorial Day Observance Ceremony.

Award nominees

Carroll Community Television held its annual Vollie Awards on Friday night, presenting honors to the best in the past year's community television programming. Shows were nominated in eight categories.

The nominees for the 2000-2001 Vollie Awards were:

Performance: Winfield Winter Song, Tina Richardson; Flash Photography, Adam Burke; The Westminster Ringers, Bob Johnson.

Programming for/by Youth: Between the Lines: "Among the Hidden," Susan Thornton; Too Hot for Broadcast: "The Worst of Special," Jon Corun; Prayer in the Park, Joe Sellers; Son Creek Junction, Tina Richardson.

Talk Interview Program: The Flip Side Show: "Smart Growth," Neil Ridgely; Between the Lines: "Among The Hidden," Susan Thornton; The Phil Luster Show: "Coach Dull WMC," Phil Luster; The Good, the Bad, the Huh, Terry Powell and John Tyson.

Best Director of a Station-Produced Switch Shoot: Memorial Day Parade, Mark Kaidy; Memorial Day Observance Ceremony, Ken Lynch; Community Foundation Concert with Glenn Patterson and Ethel Ennis, Ken Birnie.

Best On-Camera Talent: Too Hot for Broadcast, Cletus; The Phil Luster Show, Craig Caba; Between the Lines, Shanin Thornton.

Special Interest/Event Program: Let's All Go to the Lobby, Adam Burke; Carroll Spotlight September 11 Special, Jolene Sullivan; Frankentractor -- A Story, Richard Taylor.

Educational: Carroll Spotlight: "Anthrax Special," Jolene Sullivan; Carroll Teens & Substance Abuse -- The Real Story, Heather Weisse; Why You Never Want a DWI, Adam Burke.

Documentary: Spirit of Ireland, Ken Birnie; Drive the Line -- A Porsche Autocross, Adam Burke; Carroll Women, Susan Thornton & CWIT; One More Mission, Joe Sellers.

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