Brandy Stroeder, 19, a teenager who unsuccessfully...

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April 11, 2002

Brandy Stroeder, 19, a teenager who unsuccessfully fought to get the Oregon Health Plan to cover the cost of a rare life-saving transplant, died in Portland on Monday of respiratory failure.

She had been awaiting a lung-liver-heart transplant to reverse the effects of cystic fibrosis, a disease that chokes the lungs with mucus and causes other organ damage, since October 2000.

Doctors had said that Ms. Stroeder's only chance of survival was a lung-liver transplant and that success would be more likely if the heart was also transplanted.

The Oregon Health Plan, which provides state-funded health coverage for low-income residents, had said the procedure was experimental and re fused to cover the $250,000 cost.

Josef Svoboda, 81, a stage designer and theater director who was one of the creators of a unique theatrical form known worldwide as Laterna Magika, died Monday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Born in 1920, Mr. Svoboda studied architecture in Prague. From 1951 to 1973, he served as chief stage designer of the National Theater in Prague.

Mr. Svoboda gained international recognition at the world exhibition EXPO 58 in Brussels, Belgium. Together with a Czech theater director, Alfred Radok, he created a multimedia performance that combined film projection, sounds, lights, pantomime and dance and called it Laterna Magika.

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