Targus Mini Keypad helps laptop users work with numbers...


April 11, 2002|By Kevin Washington

Targus Mini Keypad helps laptop users work with numbers

Laptop computers offer almost no ergonomic luxuries. Touch pads and stick mice are awkward to use. And the numeric keypad is missing in action.

While lots of us type in numbers using the keys at the top of the keyboard, many use the keypad because it's reminiscent of a calculator. Targus, which makes a variety of computer accessories, has come up with a mobile numeric keypad that plugs into your Universal Serial Bus port or the PS/2 port.

The Mobile Mini Keypad ($60), which measures 5.3-by-3.5-by-1 inches, has a retractable USB cable. You can extend the 24-inch cable for use, then role it back in with a small wheel on the underside. The device comes with a PS/2 adapter and works with PCs running Windows 95 and later (including NT) and Macintosh computers with OS 8.6 or later.

If you're using the PS/2 adapter with Windows computers or USB with a Macintosh, you simply need to plug in the device while the computer is off, then turn it on. If you're planning to use the USB connection on a Windows 98 computer, you'll need to follow the instructions for installing software that comes with the Keypad. Make sure you have your Windows 98 CD-ROM available to complete the install.

Having a separate keypad can be good for your hands and wrists, especially if you're performing a lot of mathematical equations. Some ergonomists even recommend separate keypads for regular desktop computers. The Mini Keypad fits the bill.

Information: 714-765-5555 or www.targus.com.

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