Jury expected to weigh case of 3 accused in abduction

Gang members sought revenge, prosecutors say

April 10, 2002|By Laurie Willis | Laurie Willis,SUN STAFF

Jurors are expected to begin deliberations today in the trial of three alleged gang members on charges including attempted murder, kidnapping and carjacking.

Larhonda Lomax testified Friday that she was abducted from a white Jeep Cherokee she was driving Jan. 9 of last year, as she arrived at her home near Perring Parkway in Baltimore County. She said she was driven to a house on Normal Avenue in the city, and tied up and interrogated about the whereabouts of her husband, Charles Byers.

Lomax said she was later driven to Pinewood Avenue, taken near some woods and shot in the neck. She said she "played dead" until her abductors left, then knocked on nearby doors begging people to call police.

Prosecutors say Shawn Henry, 25, Michael Lyle, 22, and Tyrone Creighton, 28, committed the crimes.

Assistant State's Attorney James Wallner said Henry, Lyle and Creighton were members of the North Avenue gang, and wanted to kill Lomax in retaliation for the fatal shooting in November 2000 of fellow gang member Keith "Bones" Hamlet. Henry, Lyle and Creighton attribute Hamlet's death to Byers, a member of the Hot Boyz gang, Wallner said.

In closing arguments yesterday, defense attorneys criticized Lomax for initially telling police she didn't know her assailants but later identifying them as Henry, Lyle and Creighton.

On cross-examination, Lomax said she was afraid to talk.

"At that time I was scared," Lomax said. "People who talk to the police die."

Defense lawyers also attempted to discredit Lomax, saying the house she shared with Byers was a known haven for drugs and weapons.

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