Deaths Elsewhere

April 10, 2002

John Agar, 81, the Air Force sergeant who married Shirley Temple and became an actor until alcoholism damaged his marriage and career, died Sunday in Los Angeles.

He was a physical training instructor at March Field at Riverside, Calif., in 1945 when a friend arranged for him to escort Ms. Temple to a Hollywood party given by her boss, David O. Selznick. A romance ensued between Mr. Agar, who was 24, and the 16-year-old child star. The pair became engaged and their Selznick-produced wedding was attended by Hollywood celebrities.

The pair appeared together in two films, Fort Apache and Adventure in Baltimore.

Ms. Temple gave birth to a daughter, Susan, in 1948, but troubled by Mr. Agar's drinking and many flirtations, Ms. Temple filed for divorce in 1949.

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