Storyteller to relate true stories of Arab-Americans

April 10, 2002

Jennifer Rudick is a Jewish storyteller, but she doesn't relate tales from Yiddish folklore.

Instead, she tells the true stories of Arab-Americans she has interviewed since the terrorist attacks Sept. 11.

Rudick, a member of Chevrei Tzedek Congregation in Baltimore, will present her stories as part of Diversity Week at 7 p.m. tomorrow in the McDaniel Lounge at Western Maryland College.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Rudick has talked with, among others, professors, college students, middle school pupils and imams, Islamic prayer leaders, about being an American, what Islam means to them and how the terrorist acts have affected their lives as individuals and as a community.

She tells the stories, she said, because she wants to encourage Jews and others to "see that we are all connected with the Muslims who live in our communities, as brothers and as fellow human beings."

The program is free. Information: 410-857-2290.

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