Lawyer formerly with Angelos' firm disbarred

April 09, 2002|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

A lawyer formerly with the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos was disbarred yesterday after judges on the Maryland Court of Appeals found that he forged signatures on bogus documents and lied to the firm about cases.

Reached at home, Kenneth D. Pack, 56, of Baltimore, said he was not working now but declined to comment further. He had asked the Court of Appeals for an indefinite suspension, according to the court ruling.

Mishandling cases

The Angelos law firm discharged Pack after learning in August 1999 of his mishandling of several cases, according to the ruling.

Among them was a 1996 civil case in which he failed to serve court papers on the defendant, signed a judge's name to a counterfeit order, signed another lawyer's name to a court filing and failed to tell his firm or the client that a Baltimore County circuit judge had dismissed the case for his lack of follow-through on it.

Pack did not respond to the allegations when they were heard by Baltimore Circuit Judge Carol E. Smith last year or respond to the Court of Appeals until shortly before his hearing this year, when he hired a lawyer.

His lawyer, Andrew Jay Graham, said Pack was disabled by depression.

`It's a shame'

"Largely because of that illness he didn't defend himself and hire me until the case already had been defaulted," he said. "It's a shame. He is a very nice person and he was a very competent lawyer. He had a psychological problem that he didn't deal with at the time."

The Court of Appeals also disbarred yesterday a Montgomery County lawyer, Jerry Sam Dunietz, who had received a 1996 private reprimand and, in 1998, a 60-day suspension, for mishandling several cases.

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