Paul's Place Outreach Center


April 07, 2002|By Sloane Brown

This was a benefit for the children's programs at Paul's Place Outreach Center, so it seemed entirely apropos that the centerpieces at the "March Magic" gala were made by the West Baltimore kids in those programs. Each table in Hunt Valley's Grand Lodge ballroom was draped in a cloth of the color you'd find in a crayon box. In the center of each was a birdhouse, hand-painted by Paul's Place kids in homage to the evening's theme of "Feathering Our Nest."

"They worked hard for about three weeks [on those birdhouses]," noted children's programs coordinator Charmayne Little. "The kids just did their own thing."

Meanwhile, the 250 adults gathered for the evening's festivities were doing their own thing -- bidding at the silent auction, nibbling hors d'oeuvres, and catching up with friends before enjoying dinner and dancing.

Included in the throng: Dana Roscoe, event chair; Rick Jiranek, Jenny Greene, Kathy Hudson, Laurie Miller, Liz Nuttle, Tori Rappold, Gregory Weidman, Michael Flanigan and Scott Wieler, event committee members; Melanie M. Heacock, Paul's Place board president; Ann Hankin, Maureen Konschnik, Nora Yaggy, Tom Bonderenko, Ruth Cromwell, Anna Hughes, Frank B. Martien, John B. Meacham, Stuart Rienhoff, Nicholas P. Schweizer and Judge Alexander Wright Jr., Paul's Place board members; Bill McLennan, incoming executive director; Jeannie Pohlhaus, Hill & Co. associate broker; Jaye Richardson, Verizon data traffic engineering manager; Barrett Freedlander, Saul Ewing partner; Ginny Marks, John Marks Associates chief financial officer; Harold Graul, Graul's Markets president; Fredye Gross and Helen Bonsal, community volunteers; Sharon Tufaro, Shananigans Toy Store co-owner; Chel Cavallon, Amerix Corp. senior vice president; Todd Bilger, Infogrames computer game artist; Elana Vikan, Roland Park Country School teacher; and Dr. Susan Strahn, Towson psychiatrist. The evening raised almost $70,000 for Paul's Place.

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