Ashcroft to visit Dave


For weeks, David Letterman has regularly been poking fun at Attorney General John Ashcroft's singing voice -- or lack thereof -- on his late night CBS telecast.

Since February, Letterman has played a clip of Ashcroft crooning a song he wrote, "Let the Eagle Soar," before a group of North Carolina theological students.

On Tuesday, Ashcroft will finally get his turn to answer back with an appearance on the show.

"The attorney general has a good sense of humor," said Mark Corallo, an Ashcroft spokesman.

Corallo would not discuss how show producers persuaded Ashcroft to appear, or how long they had been pursuing him.

"Mr. Letterman has been having a lot of fun at the attorney general's expense," Corallo said. "And we just thought he might as well get to meet him in person."

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