Joshua Lacey a big winner on `Jeopardy'

Student achiever

April 03, 2002

The student: Joshua Lacey, 10

School: Dunloggin Middle

Special achievement: He appeared on "Jeopardy Holiday Kids Week" in December after his mother signed him up for tryouts in Washington. After taking a written test and playing a mock version of the game show, he was one of 15 children from nine cities chosen to be on the show that week. He won $21,000 and a trip to Hawaii.

How did he win? "I like a lot of sports trivia and things about literature and geography. Those were a lot of what the topics were. I really like math and English and reading."

What does he plan to do with the prize money? "It was very exciting because I didn't know we were going to win that much money. I have to pay lots of taxes on it," but he will save the rest for college and possibly buy a new computer and some video games for himself.

What was the best thing about being on Jeopardy ? "Getting to interact with different kids. They were all from different parts of the country. Everybody had a great personality." After taping their shows, the contestants had lunch together at the studio restaurant and talked about how they did on the show. "It was very, very fun. I got to meet Alex Trebek. I pretty much acted naturally. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be."

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