Officers provided security for strip show, police say

Illegal event billed as `exotic basketball'

April 02, 2002|By Del Quentin Wilber | Del Quentin Wilber,SUN STAFF

Baltimore police officials are investigating at least a dozen officers who provided off-duty security for an illegal strip show where sexual acts were performed for a screaming crowd at a union hall last week.

The officers could face several internal charges for providing security at the illegal event, billed as an "exotic basketball" game, and not seeking permission from supervisors to work overtime.

Police officials described the event as a strip show in which 10 scantily clad women played basketball, flashed the crowd and performed sexual acts with each other and spectators.

Police officials are trying to find and identify most of the off-duty officers, who patted down patrons as they entered the Teamsters Assembly Hall at 6000 Erdman Ave. on March 24.

The man who staged the event, Robert Davis, said yesterday that he hired 13 off-duty officers for $150 each in cash. Davis also said he did not realize he was breaking city law, which prohibits unlicensed adult entertainment, and thought that hiring off-duty police ensured that the event was legal.

"I went to Baltimore City police officers because I didn't want any problems," said Davis, 38, owner of Stick Together Productions. "I hired Baltimore City officers so everything would be on the up and up. ... I just thought when I hired the police, everything would be legit."

Show is raided

Internal affairs and vice detectives raided the show about 6:30 p.m. As they approached the front doors, several off-duty officers hid their badges and quickly removed their police jackets, police sources said.

When detectives entered the hall, many of the officers ran away, police sources said. Internal affairs officers are trying to track them down, the sources said.

Davis charged $25 a person to enter the event but allowed several police officers -- who were not acting as security guards -- to enter for $15 if they showed their badges, he said.

"They were coming to enjoy the night," Davis said.

Davis advertised the game on fliers, which featured the back of a woman wearing a thong and declared that women from Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Baltimore would be playing.

Three women charged

Davis could be charged with violating the adult entertainment code, police said. Three women were charged by police with performing perverted practices during the event. "Every time one of the strippers would foul another during the game they would have to do something exotic," police wrote in documents charging one of the women.

Two of the women, Mykel Smith, 21, of the 600 block of Gorsuch Ave. and Shanay Miles, 21, of the 1300 block of Northview Road were given probation before judgment in District Court on Wednesday.

A judge ordered Miles to "confine her athletic pursuits to the more traditional variety," according to computerized court records. The case against the third woman, Candice Wilkens, 40, of the 300 block of Winters Lane in Catonsville is pending.

Officials with Teamsters Local Union 557 said they were not aware there was going to be a strip show and blamed the person who handled the renting of the hall for allowing it to happen.

"If I had known, there is no way we would have let anyone rent the place for that kind of stuff," said Bill Alexander, the union's president.

The incident is reminiscent of one last year, in which a police lieutenant was caught working while on-duty in what Police Commissioner Edward T. Norris called a "whorehouse." Lt. John M. Mack was convicted of misconduct charges by an internal disciplinary board and later fired by Norris.

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