Too much to do today?

Tuesdays: This may be the only day of the work week in which we actually get much of anything done.

April 02, 2002

FEELING FRANTIC? Got 20 hours' worth of work that you intend to plow through today? Join the crowd.

It turns out that Tuesdays, on balance, are the work days in which we get the most done. That's from a survey of executives released this year by a national firm that provides temporary financial professionals.

Mondays, as everyone knows, are tied up with meetings and water-cooler talk. How was your weekend? It comes in second as the most productive day of the week.

After Tuesdays, the work week just falls off a cliff, according to executives' estimates of how much actually gets accomplished when.

Wednesday -- the age-old "hump" day -- may actually be more like a trough. Only 9 percent consider it the most productive day.

Thursdays, we must be exhausted. The percentage falls to 5 percent.

Fridays, of course, are no surprise. If we're not off playing golf or whatever, we're thinking about the weekend, about playing golf or whatever. It gets a 1 percent rating.

Which brings us to Tuesdays -- considered by half the executives surveyed the one day in which we really settle down, focus on the tasks at hand and maybe even complete them.

Economists may be the among the relative few who'd like to see a week of Tuesdays. Productivity, they would tell you, is no laughing matter, serving as one of the main factors bolstering our economic growth.

They'd probably like to remind us every day: It's Tuesday, get to work, your country needs you.

But for many of us, one really productive day out of five is quite enough, it seems.

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