Megan's essay

April 01, 2002

The following is Megan Lin's award-winning essay for the Maryland Municipal League competition: If I Were Mayor By Megan Lin

If I were mayor, I would do my best to represent the city and be responsible for day-to-day management of the city. The city would help residents in businesses, education, health, housing, jobs, public safety, recreation, and transportation. I would build an inclusive community, so nobody would feel like they were not part of the important community.

To make the community more inclusive, I will reach out to all the citizens by having regular public hearings, surveys, or interviews with them to hear about their concerns and complaints. To bring people of all different cultures together, the city will offer programs, such as multi-cultural festivals and language programs. To make people feel like they are an important part of the community, the city will provide special programs just for seniors, youth, the disabled, singles, family or for people from different backgrounds. To encourage people to be active in the community, we could have neighborhood action plans, or volunteers for different activities.

If I were mayor, I would make the city the best place to live for everyone. To do this, I will listen to what the citizens are trying to say and suggest so I can improve on different things. The success will require the assistance, support and partnership of the entire community, and that is what an inclusive community is all about.

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