Kramden on big screen near you?

In Brief

April 01, 2002|By NEW YORK TIMES

HOLLYWOOD - So who will play Ralph Kramden? James Gandolfini? John Goodman? Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy?

After more than a year of negotiations, Paramount Pictures is planning to make a feature film based on The Honeymooners, the classic 1950s TV comedy series.

The immediate question of casting - who will play Ralph Kramden, the portly New York City bus driver, and his best friend, Ed Norton, who lives upstairs - is engaging Paramount and the film's producer, David Friendly, though they say it's too early to discuss it publicly.

Many names are being discussed for the roles created by Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. One of the possibilities is Gandolfini as Ralph and Jim Carrey as Ed. Other possibilities are Goodman and probably every other heavyset actor around. And Paramount executives are wondering about turning the famous comedy about two endearing Brooklyn guys into a vehicle

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