Declaring girl power


March 31, 2002|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

Most women are pretty sick of the usual labels -- chicks, broads, blondes, brunettes, whatever -- but now we just might have a reason to espouse them. New T-shirts put out by the nonprofit group Campaign for Our Children (best known for its creative media messages about teen-pregnancy prevention) announce BABE, DIVA and CHIC in capital letters across their fronts and backs. But they're not stereotyping tags; instead they're declarations of girl power, because they're actually acronyms, the meanings of which are spelled out beneath each one.

B.A.B.E. stands for beautiful, able, brainy and empowered. D.I.V.A. really means daring, insightful, vivacious and adorable. And C.H.I.C. is for courageous, hip, independent and confident. But perhaps the best shirt is the one that simply says "Girls Kick Butt." Because, well, we do.

The shirts, which sell for $15 to $25, may be ordered online at (click on CFOC Information and Materials, and then click on CFOC Catalog & Ordering) or by calling 410-576-9015.

Clinique goes to your head

Clueless about curls? Stymied by straightening? Check out Clinique's new hair-starter kits. The Defined Curls Kit comes with a "curl enhancer" for creating tighter spirals, a gel to place them, hairspray to keep them wound and a wide-toothed comb. The Perfectly Straight Kit includes straightening cream to tame the fuzzies, shine serum to give your locks life, hairspray and a comb. Both are available at Clinique counters nationwide or online at, $19.50. -- T. B.

A combination that's all you need

If you've done any makeup shopping lately, you've probably noticed two things: Compact-style, all-you-need kits are ubiquitous, and the phrase "all-you-need" is used entirely too loosely. Sure, it's a great idea having your eye, cheek and lip color all in one convenient, portable case, but the color combinations are rarely right (a beautiful suede lip gloss paired with turquoise shadow is just wrong) -- until now. Trish McEvoy's Face Essentials kits actually offer wearable choices.

The kits come in two shades, a warm "Down to Earth" set with an eye-trio in soft, peachy browns with a dark shade for lining and a matching blush and lip color, and a cooler "Easy Going" collection (pictured) that darkens the browns a notch and takes away the peach base. Both come in a slim, mirrored compact, and both really have all the color you need. Available at for $45. -- T. B.

The news about shoes

After several seasons of chunky platforms and boxy boots, this season's feminine footwear is a welcome relief. Here's a look at the trends as seen by Debbie Ferree of DSW Shoe Warehouse:

* The look is longer and narrower for both the front of the shoe and the heel (get ready for wobbly walking again).

* Ankles are in and defined with wraps and straps.

* Americana and flower decorations are staples, particularly on high-heeled wedge sandals.

* Camel is the big color this season, followed closely by shades of blue and red. -- T. B.

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