Five things to watch

Final Four

March 30, 2002|By Ken Murray

1. Can Tom Coverdale play? If his ankle heals enough to allow him to play 20 minutes, it will be 20 critical minutes for the Hoosiers, who need his leadership.

2. Will Oklahoma's pressure cripple a weakened Indiana backcourt? The Sooners will press, and how the Hoosiers handle it will go a long way toward deciding whether it's a competitive game.

3. How much will Jared Jeffries have to do? If he has to bring the ball up the floor, Indiana's offense may be stifled, and he may be drained by the final 10 minutes.

4. Can Indiana shoot the lights out again? The Hoosiers hit 15 of 19 three-pointers in the South Regional final. If they can do that again, no Oklahoma lead will be safe.

5. Will Aaron McGhee dominate inside? He's a lion on the inside, but Indiana has some scrappers back there, too. The rebound battle will be huge.

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