Give the Ravens a haven - or a rookery, a nest, a roost...


March 30, 2002

Give the Ravens a haven - or a rookery, a nest, a roost

I think the stadium name should not be a misguided tribute to the highest bidder but a realistic description of how its construction was funded in the name of the so-called common good.

How about: "Maryland State Citizens Professional Football Stadium."

W. Van Aller, Whitehall

I would like to suggest a name that gives tribute to the city of Baltimore, not to a commercial corporation. I therefore would like the name to be "The Community Stadium of Baltimore" or "The Baltimore Community Stadium."

Renaming the stadium "Memorial Stadium" would pay tribute to the veterans only.

Milton M. Zlatin, Baltimore

Naming the stadium should be the domain of the state. The name of the football stadium could be "Ravens Park at Camden Yards."

The entire stadium area could be called "The Nests of Baltimore."

Robert J. Schott, Lutherville

I believe the team should have control of the name for the stadium. After all, it's their park.

My suggestion for the name is "The Ravens' Haven."

Charles J. Ripple Sr., Salisbury

The team should have control of the stadium's name. But it is payback time for the fans of Baltimore.

I suggest the new stadium name should be: "The Fans' Stadium." What a great way to say thanks to all Ravens fans for their past, present and future support.

Martin D. Gerick Sr., Parkville

I submit that the stadium was built with public funds and, therefore, the right to name the stadium should be retained by the public.

The name I submit is: "The Ravens' Rookery" or, more affectionately, "The Rook."

A rook is defined as "a bird of the crow family." A raven is in the crow family and, therefore, a rookery is a perfectly appropriate name for the stadium housing the Ravens football team.

Ajax Eastman, Baltimore

I'm in favor of the Ravens having complete control of the stadium's name. It's their home and the name should reflect that.

But I feel the name should have a visual as well as an emotional effect on our city and their fans.

Since the stadium is the Ravens' home, why not call it "The Ravens Nest"?

Harriet Cooper, Baltimore

If the Ravens football organization wishes to name the stadium, they should be allowed to - after they reimburse the state of Maryland for the cost of building it.

Otherwise, the stadium should be called "William Donald Schaefer Stadium," since it is one of the few structures not already bearing His Lordship's name.

Tony Seitz, Glen Burnie

Who should have control of the name of the stadium? The team.

And, as for the stadium name: "The Ravens Roost."

Irmgard La Brocco, Columbia

The most appropriate name for the Ravens stadium is "Baltimore Olympic Coliseum," since that stadium would be heavily used during the 2012 Baltimore-Washington Olympic games.

Bruce N. Harris, Pikesville

My suggestion for a new name for the Ravens Stadium is: "The Baltimore Gridiron." This name would not narrow the stadium's use to the Ravens only; the facility could also be used for high school and college football.

Alice Anderson, Towson

I don't think the Ravens should have control of the name of the stadium, but that's the way it is.

But what I would like to see, and this goes for Peter G. Angelos also - since he now has the right to sell the name of Oriole Park at Camden Yards - is this: Let the public name the stadium and then sell the right to present it to a company. It could work like this, for example: "Comcast Presents Raven Stadium at Camden Yards."

Gerry Bohrer, Baltimore

Citizens of Maryland paid for the stadium. We should get to name it.

How about "The Francis Scott Key Stadium?" That's a Maryland name appropriate to Baltimore. It would publicize the origin of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and thereby encourage tourism.

"Key Stadium" would be a name in which we could take pride, whether or not we are football fans.

Eritha Yardley, Baltimore

The Ravens could pick up and move to more profitable digs any minute now. They should not control the name of Baltimore's stadium.

Rather, let's honor the taxpayers who built it and the fans who purchase tickets, parking, food, drink and merchandise on the rare occasions that the facility is used.

Let's call it: "Gouging Us Good."

Katherine S. Smith, Rock Hall

Whatever name is given to the stadium, "Baltimore" must be prominent, so viewers and readers in other cities will have no doubt where the game is played.

Harry E. Bennett Jr., Baltimore

The Ravens should do the right thing and not resell the naming rights to the stadium. PSINet's bankruptcy has provided a rare opportunity for them to correct the mistake of originally selling the name.

Art Modell and company can prove they are conscientious corporate citizens by returning the name to the good people of Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Jordan Grable, Ellicott City

Honor Johnny U, a hero on the field, in the community

In Baltimore's storied football folklore, there is one name that stands out above all: John Constantine Unitas.

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