March 29, 2002

An article in yesterday's Maryland section, incorrectly reported that banks and savings and loans would be closed today for Good Friday. They are open.

An editing change to an article yesterday on campaign finance reform mischaracterized President Bush's participation in the public financing system in the 2000 presidential election. Bush did not receive public funds in the primary election but he did in the general election.

An article in yesterday's Maryland section about the proposed Harford County budget for 2002-2003 incorrectly said the schools would receive a 5.6 percent increase in county funds for operations and capital projects. The 5.6 percent increase refers to operations only. The schools would receive $157.6 million from the general fund and $27.2 million for capital projects. The overall schools budget, from all sources, would be $284.4 million.

A report on lower snow-clearing expenses this winter contained an incorrect amount for road salt used by the State Highway Administration. The state had a storage capacity of 246,000 tons of salt and used 95,000 tons during the winter.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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