Jessica Jones has overcome many obstacles

Student achiever

March 27, 2002

The student: Jessica Jones, 17

School: Centennial High

Special achievement: A member of the Maryland Special Olympics Athlete Congress, Jessica is an advocate for developmentally disabled athletes like herself. Last year, she served as the co-master of ceremonies at the Fall Sports Festival Games at Mount St. Mary's College, where she introduced Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett. A participant in more than 20 area golf tournaments, Jessica has earned gold, silver and bronze medals. In 2000, she competed in the first Special Olympics National Invitational Golf Tournament in Tennessee.

Overcoming obstacles: Born two months premature with congenital heart disease, diagnosed with several learning disabilities and a survivor of multiple surgeries, Jessica describes herself as "special in many ways." She was a "miracle baby," she says. "I could have died, but obviously the Lord has something special for me to do later in life."

What does the future hold? Jessica aspires to be a doctor someday because, as she describes the profession, doctors "know the miracles of life: helping, healing and knowing what a person's onus is."

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