Decomposed bodies of 2 adults found in Brooklyn park

March 25, 2002|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

A man searching for his homeless brother stumbled upon the bodies of two adults yesterday morning in what police described as a homeless camp in Brooklyn's Reed Bird Island Park.

Both bodies showed signs of trauma, homicide Detective Darrell Townsend said, but he declined to elaborate.

"It looks like some foul play was involved," Townsend said.

Police found no signs of robbery, Townsend said.

The bodies were decomposed, so sex, race and age were unclear. Townsend said authorities believe that one was a man and the other a woman, based on the size of their hands.

Police declined to speculate on when the two died.

A South Baltimore man whom police did not identify found the bodies about 7 a.m. in a wooded area about 120 feet off the 3400 block of Potee St., Lt. Robert Oros said. The man was looking for his brother, whom he hadn't seen in six months, Oros said.

The man said he knew that his brother had stayed in the camp, a small area with a couple of shelters made of scrap wood and blankets. Clothes hung from ropes strung between trees, and an old bicycle wheel and other debris were scattered on the ground. Three rusted lawn mowers lined the dirt path leading from the road to the camp.

"It may or may not be his brother," Oros said. "He couldn't even tell."

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