NCAA to look at confrontation between Duke player, official

Reserve Christensen pulled away from referee

March 22, 2002|By Ken Murray

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kevin Weiberg, NCAA committee member from the Big 12 Conference, acknowledged an incident involving Duke reserve Matt Christensen and official Bruce Benedict at the end of Indiana's 74-73 upset last night, but declined to elaborate.

"We're aware that something happened there at the end of the game, and we are trying to gather information about it," Weiberg said in a statement. "We don't have all the information gathered at this point. Our procedure is to try to gather as much information as we can, including talking to the officials and trying to get any videotape that may be available and any others that may have been witnesses of what occurred there."

Christensen, a senior who seldom plays, had to be pulled away from Benedict at game's end. Duke players felt Carlos Boozer had been fouled when he attempted a put-back in the final seconds, but no foul was called.

Weiberg said he could not divulge his conversation with game officials. "I don't think we're in a particular rush because in this situation, Duke has been eliminated from the tournament, so we don't have an immediate competition issue to follow up on. ... Given the reports that we have at this point, we need to gather all the information."

As for possible repercussions, Weiberg said, "There is a prescribed policy relative to misconduct, and it spells out a range of penalties. At this point, we don't even have a finding of misconduct."

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