Recalling an alien time

March 22, 2002|By Athima Chansanchai | Athima Chansanchai,SUN STAFF

Before you go see the movie, here are some fun facts to peruse about the universe's most popular extraterrestrial:

Basic stats

Originally released June 11, 1982, E.T. is Universal Pictures' highest grossing domestic film ever. Worldwide, it's earned more than $702 million, with only two other Spielberg movies, Jurassic Park and The Lost World, ahead of it.

Awards it's won: four Oscars, a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a People's Choice Award (Favorite All-Time Movie). It's also on the American Film Institute's list of the Top 100 Films of All Time.

E.T. was one of the films named for preservation by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

Most memorable line: "E.T. phone home"

The way we were (in 1982)

Other big money-making movies - Tootsie, An Officer and a Gentleman, Rocky III, Poltergeist.

Fashion - headbands/sweatbands, feathered hair, newsboy hats, eclectic vintage

Music - Michael Jackson's Thriller album; big singles - "Ebony and Ivory" (McCartney and Stevie Wonder), "We Got the Beat" (Go-Go's), "Who Can It Be Now" (Men at Work), "Don't You Want Me" (Human League)

Now nearly antiques - home phones with cords, clunky color TVs, fake rattan furniture, motley brown sectionals, Star Wars action figures

Where are they now?

Henry Thomas (then) as Elliott - 10 years old. He was the Haley Osment of his day, winning the Young Artist Award for Best Young Motion Picture Actor in 1983.

(Now) - After another brush with a not-so-friendly alien in 1993's Fire in the Sky, Thomas grew up in such films as Legends of the Fall, Niagara, Niagara and Moby Dick, where he played the narrator, Ishmael. Now 30, his next big flick will be a new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Gangs of New York.

Bumps along the way: Psycho IV, All the Pretty Horses, various forgettable made-for-TV movies.

Drew Barrymore (then) as Gertie - 6 years old. She wins her first award, the Young Artist Award for Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture in 1983. She went on to play several notable roles as a child, including Irreconcilable Differences and Firestarter.

(Now) - At 27, she's a very successful Hollywood player who's done 55 film and TV appearances, including Charlie's Angels, The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed and Home Fries. Next big flick: the soon-to-be-released remake of Barbarella.

Bumps along the way: Tom Green (divorced after less than six months of marriage), Batman Forever, Poison Ivy.

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