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March 21, 2002|By Tricia Bishop

A chance for kids to make cloud paintings

Local children's author and illustrator Eileen Doran-Smith reads from her imagination-stretching book The Cloud Painter Sunday at Borders Books & Music in the Annapolis Mall. After storytime, kids will get to exercise their creative muscles and create cloud paintings of their own.

"The children love making the cloud paintings," Doran-Smith says. "It's really fun rubbing shoulders with them and seeing their expressions."

Doran-Smith keeps the project simple: She hands out blue paper for the background, and gives the kids stencils in fanciful shapes -- unicorns, dragons, butterflies -- to use as a guide as they paste on colorful cottonballs, glitter, sequins and wiggly eyes.

The Cloud Painter is about Rafael, a young angel who can't keep his drawings to himself. He leaves his mark on everything from jeweled walls to heaven's stars. Eventually, the angel elders send him to art class, where he discovers magic in making cloud paintings.

If time allows, Doran-Smith will also read from her second book, How the Youngest Angel Learned to Fly. Two more books by her, The Wind Dancers and The Rainbow's End, are due out in September.

The bookstore program is recommended for ages 4 to 8. 1 p.m., 1115 Annapolis Mall, 410-571-0923.

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