Success shines in little packages


March 17, 2002|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

It's been a busy year for Tanya Brown. In January 2001, the runway model and Gaithersburg resident started Fine Art Color, a cosmetic company she launched with four shades of lip gloss. By November, she'd added holiday colors and was selling the glosses from her own Web site (, from and from Nordstrom in Montgomery Mall. Now, she's just introduced five new colors for spring (for a total of 14) and inked a deal to start retailing from Nordstrom in Columbia, too. Not a bad route for your first product.

"I decided to go for it," she says. "and try starting off very small."

Maybe someone should tell her department stores aren't so small.

Brown, who's worked as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, says the reason her $16 glosses are popular is because of their all-in-one design. Each looks like a pen, but is filled with shiny color instead of ink and topped by an applicator brush, not a ball point. Twisting the pen's base gets the gloss into the brush -- more twists for super shine and fewer for lighter color.

Brown says she has plans to add other convenience-themed products to the line "little by little" -- possibly making her the only business person to succeed by thinking small.

Jane Seymour class

Actress Jane Seymour has joined the Kathie Lee Giffords and Jaclyn Smiths of the world and launched her own clothing line, but she's managed to do something those others haven't: keep it out of (the now ailing) Kmart and keep it comparatively classy (no sweats in sight).

Available through catalog retailer Crossing Pointe (www., much of the 45-piece Jane Seymour Signature Collection, which sells for $23 to $100, is as romantic and flowy as you'd expect from someone with such romantic and flowy hair and a penchant for period pieces.

There are lavender silk chiffon dresses, tailored pink floral pants and pastel-painted scarves. But the line also gets down to business with pin-stripe fitted suits and versatile silk coats. Misses sizes run from 6 to 22 and petites are available in 4 through 16. For a catalog, call 877-392-7099.

-- T. B.

OK, guys -- wax if you dare

Finally the fellas can find out what all the fuss is about. Andre For Men has come out with a line of body hair removers for guys that should show them first-hand why women writhe and wince when waxing.

All the good stuff is there: one of those sticky sugaring systems and a box of wax strips (both rip hair out by the roots) and the ever-popular depilatory, which women could better refer to as "burn torture." So go ahead, boys, show us who's big and bad and start defuzzing for beach season. We bet you'll be bawling before half your back is done.

Available at Rite Aid for $5 to $10. -- T. B.

Be cool with steam

Looking a little green? That's usually a good thing on St. Patrick's Day, unless it's from last night's pre-holiday celebration.

Clear your head before today's parade with an Andrea Face Spa steam facial. Basically potpourri for your mug, the aromatherapy face spas (available in three blends: Dirt Digger, Breathe Free and Stress Relief) are supposed to be soothing to your skin, your lungs and your nerves depending upon which herbs are in them.

Just pour a couple of capfuls into 3 cups of boiling water and breathe in the fumes for five minutes -- and (voila!) you're a little dizzy from the deep breathing, but at least your face doesn't match your shamrock sweater anymore. Buy them at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen's for about $6. -- T. B.

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