True memorials aren't torn down I have been reading...


March 17, 2002

True memorials aren't torn down

I have been reading today's, Sunday March 10, edition of The Sun. It is full of very nice stories about a memorial to Navy Lt. Jonas M. Panik and the two light beams that are to be lit near the World Trade Center ("Sept. 11 victim's living memorial"). Another large article discusses the pros and cons of two different points of view about what should be done with the cleared site of the World Trade Center.

Yesterday there was a story about a memorial being erected to those that were killed in the plane crash in Pennsylvania.

There is no doubt at this time that what is being written and the memorials that are being proposed are deserving by those that were killed or gave their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

But will these memorials have the same life and hold the same sense of devotion that Baltimore's Memorial Stadium had? In the case of the stadium, many of those to whom the edifice was devoted are still living. They have outlived the memorial.

Or will they just be more short-lived memorials like Memorial Stadium, which had these words, "valiantly fought in the world wars with eternal gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve equality and freedom throughout the world - time will not dim the glory of their deeds"?

Charles M. Clark

Glen Burnie

Kleinberg's excellence will be sorely missed

I am a county resident who has worked closely with Dr. Susan Kleinberg over the last three years on youth and family issues in Anne Arundel County on behalf of' my clients. Rarely does one have the distinct honor and pleasure to work with someone so committed to maintaining such high standards of excellence and professionalism as Dr. Kleinberg. She was truly an asset, both to this county and to the Owen administration. I feel sorry for Anne Arundel County residents and the thousands of people who use and depend on the services Dr. Kleinberg's office provided. It is rare that the lives of so many are so enriched by one person's dedication and commitment.

Kimberly McKoy Burns


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