Sun's Olympic coverage up to par


NBC's wasn't , Allow...

March 10, 2002

Sun's Olympic coverage up to par; NBC's wasn't

, Allow me to compliment The Sun's sports staff on its coverage of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. In particular, I write to compliment Candus Thomson for her coverage of Baltimore's only Winter Olympian, speed skater J.P. Shilling.

Unfortunately, Baltimoreans were unable to see my son's performance at the Olympics because NBC did not broadcast that race. Isn't it ironic that networks from other countries carried all of the events, not just the medal winners?

How disappointing.

Bob Shilling Timonium

Preston should spare us from Ravens pessimism

Congratulations to Mike Preston.

It only took a few years, but he finally surpassed Ken Rosenthal as the biggest Ravens pessimist, who, unfortunately, is also responsible for bringing fans news about the team ["1 is enough for Billick contract extension," March 6].

As a head coach, Brian Billick is definitely on the lower tier of salaries, but has yet to have a losing season. And then there's that Super Bowl championship thing Preston feels obligated to overlook.

Billick could have traded off a good part of the defense prior to 2000 to build the offense his way, but as a head coach he made the decision to keep it intact to help bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

If he's so mediocre, why doesn't Preston start naming a few available coaches whom he'd rather have take his place?

Preston perpetuates the typical whiny, ungrateful bandwagon fan that real fans have grown to hate. Please do the real Baltimore football fans a favor and report on something else.

John Pusateri Westminster

Grbac not entirely at fault for his struggles

Let's not make Elvis Grbac out to be the worst person in the world.

He is not.

No, he didn't fit in with the Ravens and it's good he moved on. But he is not trash and should not be treated as such. Given an offensive line the caliber of the Rams or the Raiders, who gave Kurt Warner and Rich Gannon time to eat sandwiches while they casually decided whom to throw to, Grbac's fate here may have been different.

I believe he gave it everything he had and was more disappointed than anyone when it didn't work out.

No, he wasn't the kind of guy whom people wanted to rally around like Trent Dilfer, nor was he accepted as one of the boys.

Under the circumstances, he became the ugly duckling of the Ravens. Our offense brought out the worst in him and hopefully the Ravens have recognized that and aim to fix it as well.

Ron Cucina Nottingham

Anderson's hustle found lacking in final O's days

I read in The Sun the article on Brady Anderson ["Former leading man taking it from the top," March 5]. Anderson stated he did not see his career in Baltimore coming to an end until the last week of the 2001 season.

Anderson may have been known for his hustle in his early years with the Orioles, but in the past couple of years, I saw a decline.

With the Orioles in a rebuilding stage, couldn't Anderson have tried to lead by example?

If he doesn't hustle any more than he did with the Orioles, he may find himself out of baseball completely.

Dave Lawrence Hanover, Pa.

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