Feeling bowled over?


March 10, 2002

Got a backache because of too many hours in front of a computer? Overweight? Maybe it's time to compare your body to a bowling ball:

A typical "house" bowling ball weighs about 14 pounds, although American Bowling Congress rules allow balls as heavy as 16 pounds.

A typical adult head weighs, give or take, 14 pounds -- a lot if it's pulling downward. So, if staring at a screen has your neck and back aching, check your posture. Sit tall. Tuck in that chin. Ease your back's load by getting that head back over the spine, which was designed to support it.

Need an image that may inspire you to lose weight? First, how many bowling balls would you willingly carry around all the time? Two? That's like being 30 pounds overweight. Five? If you're 75 pounds heavy, that's your load. Picture that. Then think how you'd feel without that extra luggage.

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