Mt. Airy needs residents to get involved in town On...


March 10, 2002

Mt. Airy needs residents to get involved in town

On Monday, at 7:30 p.m., there will be an important meeting at Mt. Airy Town Hall. This meeting will set the stage for our future. This meeting is the town nominations meeting, at which time it will be determined who will run for Mayor and two Town Council seats in the town election this May.

If you believe that it does not matter who sits in the chairs at Town Hall, you are wrong! If you are concerned about the adequacy of our local water supply (whether you use town water or have a private well); if you are unhappy that your children learn in overcrowded schools with portable classrooms, and eat lunch before 11 a.m.; if you have noticed how much longer it takes to travel from Ridgeville Boulevard to Twin Arch Road than it took last year, etc., then you should care who sits in the chairs at Town Hall.

If you believe that the town is and has been under water restrictions despite the claims of the Mayor and Town Council President to the contrary, then you should care who sits in the chairs at Town Hall.

If you believe that the town can and should grow "smarter" and ought to take the time to make sure that the needed infrastructure is in place before rushing to approve one large subdivision after another, and that the town's first obligations should be to the citizens, then you should care who sits in the chairs at Town Hall.

If you believe that Mt. Airy has grown large enough to be run by a professional Town Manager, then you should care who sits in the chairs at Town Hall. (Note to potential candidates: hiring a Town Manager would greatly reduce the workload of the Mayor and Town Council, and would be a very small down payment toward the future of Mt. Airy, it would also allow town elected officials to have a life.)

If you believe that government should be responsive to the citizens and that elected officials should be accountable, responsible, and respectful to the citizens, then you should care who sits in the chairs at Town Hall.

Mt. Airy clearly cannot afford to continue on the path that has been chosen by the incumbents. If you care about our community and live in the town, please run for Mayor or Town Council this year. Do not wait, because by the 2004 town election, irreparable damage will have been done.

Michele Johnson

Mt. Airy

(The writer is a member of Mt. Airy Citizens For Tomorrow.)

Read Across America program a great success

The 2002 National Education Association Read Across America was the fifth annual nationwide celebration to promote reading held in commemoration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the renowned author of books for children. Our local event at [TownMall of Westminster] was a huge success. Literally hundreds of children ate "green eggs and ham," listened to stories, had their faces painted, made "Cat in the Hat" hats and buttons, watched a puppet show, and received free books, balloons, stickers, and lollipops. Dr. Seuss would have been proud. The Carroll County Education Association and the Carroll Association of School Employees wish to thank all those who made this event so very special.

In addition to the many teachers, teaching assistants, school secretaries, school administrators and students who volunteered their time and energy, the following members of our community participated:

TownMall of Westminster provided the space, the sound system, tablecloths, and publicity. They set up all the tables and chairs for all our events. Peggy Funk, the manager, was most helpful and cooperative.

WTTR, local Carroll County radio station, publicized the event and broadcast a live remote from the mall to promote the events.

Maria's Restaurant of Westminster provided hundreds of eggs and prepared the "green eggs and ham" (enough to serve over 150 children).

Hahn's of Westminster donated the ham for the "green eggs and ham" breakfast.

Random House Inc., book publishers, donated 7 cases of new books to give to children who participated in our reading event.

Carlton Cards allowed us to use their helium tank, donated the string, and helped us to inflate all the balloons.

Chick-fil-A gave us coupons for free drinks for our volunteers.

Casa Rico Mexican restaurant donated coffee and cinnamon sticks for our "Coffee House" for high school students.

The Frederick Keys "Keyote" mascot entertained the children.

The Baltimore Orioles' Organization arranged for Dave Johnson, former Orioles pitcher, to be in attendance to greet the children and sign autographs.

Lois Syzmanski, local children's author, was a guest reader.

The Carroll County Public Library performed puppet shows for the children.

The Maryland State Teachers Association and the National Education Association provided balloons, stickers, and lollipops for the children and t-shirts for our volunteers.

The Carroll County Public Schools provided substitute time for committee members to meet and they also publicized the event.

Stu's Music Shop gave us the loan of a keyboard.

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