Sonar nightclub fields DJ Feelgood Appearing tonight at...


March 07, 2002|By Lisa Wiseman

Sonar nightclub fields DJ Feelgood

Appearing tonight at Sonar in Canton is local legendary DJ Charles Fields, aka DJ Feelgood. Those who were into Baltimore and Washington's emerging rave scene in the early 1990s remember Feelgood as one of the two original DJs of the moveable party known as Fever.

With his hard-hitting, energetic and funky style of house music, and his amazing mixing abilities, DJ Feelgood regularly packed clubs and warehouses in Baltimore with 2,000 to 3,000 people every Thursday night for more than six years.

His years of spinning to hard-core local ravers and club-goers paid off. These days, Baltimore native Feelgood is constantly touring, playing as many as five gigs a week and appearing at massive raves, festivals and landmark clubs across the nation and around the world. And earlier this year, he released his third CD, a self-titled production with Moonshine Music.

Tonight's show is a great chance to see a hometown guy who's made the big time and a rare opportunity to see Feelgood in an intimate environment.

Feelgood has a genuine gift for connecting to his audience. When you hear him spin live and in person, you can't help but get lost in the funky beats and start moving on the dance floor. And at Sonar, you can dance right by the DJ booth.

Doors open at Sonar, 3000 O'Donnell St., at 6 p.m. DJ Graham S opens; Feelgood will spin at 11 p.m. Admission is $5. No one under 21 permitted. For more information, call 410-327-8333.

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